Gonzalo Stagnaro


I’m graduated from the Public University in Uruguay, my native nation. If you don’t know, this country is part of South America and it’s Spanish speaker (but of course, just for reading my texts, you already know that).

I’m a DESIGNER. The most talented? No, there are a few others that are good too. The coolest one? I don’t think so, just a little bit. The kind of designer that are 95% talent and 5% work? Of course not, I hate those guys. So, Am I a hard worker? Oh yeah, I am. Independent and proactive? As nobody else. Commited and professional? As hell. Worried about my clients? Without a doubt, I love those guys.

As I was saying, I’m a PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT DESIGNER and I could write another two pages about my solid skills, relevant experience and constant self overcoming, but that would be redundant, because my work speeks for itself. Besides that, you’re expecting images from me and that’s what I’m going to give you. So check out my PORTFOLIO, surprise yourself with its beauty, know which SERVICES I can give you and then CONTACT ME, I’m constantly looking for new and better opportunities.

I’m grateful for meeting you here, you can always check my work and my articles. Have fun!