Welcome! I’m Gonzalo Stagnaro a graduated PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER. Since 2017 I have oriented my career towards FREELANCE DIGITAL DESIGN focused on CGI Visualization, and now I accompany several clients such as marketing agencies, AR/VR Studios, designers, and manufacturers (among them there are startups and top-of-the-line brands) from all over the world, all trough methodic & creative processes that land on innovative & high-quality photorealistic results.

I have strong knowledge about 3d modeling (low-poly and high-poly), CGI rendering, and post-production. I’ve worked with great art directors that have made me passionate about lighting.

But enough words for know, let my renders speak for themselves. Check out my PORTFOLIO, surprise yourself with its beauty, check which SERVICES I can give you and then CONTACT ME, I’m constantly looking for new and better opportunities.

I’m grateful for meeting you here; remember that you can always also take a look to my BEHANCE portfolio or contact me trough social media. Have fun!