It looks redundant, I know that but, Is it? It ‘s easy apreciate that if our client can see a really accurate result of a representation of the product before the manufacturing, assuming that he gots interest on the product and the visualisation is made on an atractve way (I’m going to talk soon on how to make that), generates a huge advantage on how you are standing in front of a sell but, why? And most precisly: how?

From my experience I detected that deliver a well presented render to the client will shake specific aspects on him, mostly emotional, which is going to bring you clear advantages on your sells: you are going to generate intimity, show confidence on your skills and knoweldge and demostrate optimism on the project you are selling (mutual profits).

‘The project is done, is here, you can see it, we made it specifically for you and your needs. It taked a lot of work, a lot of planing and we are here with the final design, all for you.’ So, we’re close to the client, we are on board on his personal project, it cause some grade of comitment on him, isn’t it? He can saw results in a fast way, he can give us feedback, he can make the changes he want, we are working together on his project, we are just round the corner…Im my opinion when a client ask for changes on a render project, we got him.

Showing confidence on our skills and knoweldge:
The confidence on the presentation is a key factor on a sell, nobody is going to sell with shame. A nice render, with powerful and armonious colors is a huge support. It’s a way to say: ‘Our product is good, it deservs this presentation.’ And If we can exceed customer expectation, showing something that looks so great even for the price he’s paying, even better; you’re proving that you know how to do your work on a effective way: It will look atractive, it’s going to perfom great. Astonish your client, he’s going to buy.

Proving optmism on the project:
Ok, you are working with the client throught the intimity, you alredy showed yourself as a master on your knoweldge area, now it’s time for the customer: He’s idea is so good. It could sound like a joke, but is not, you are a supplier, and the client’s know his market better than anyone (we are talking in case your customer is a seller too, if he’s a final consumer, oh! there you can expect almost everything, in that case is better you to follow the protocol, and then ask some recomendations). Whatever, he knows that you think that he’s idea is clever, because you work it on it and you got it well represented in paper with an awesome picture, you inverse you time in his idea, is time to make it even more real.

So remember, both, you, then he, follow the order, use well your visualization assets, highlight your design and go for that sells tiger!

About the Author Gonzalo Stagnaro

3D Render Designer

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