Well fellas, be welcome! That’s my blog, the place I find to express MY OPINION, and that’s important, because as every other opinion it’s subjective, selfish and very critical.

I know what are you thinking right now: Why I should care about this man’s opinion? (which is also writed in a horrible, syntax less and primitive english) And my answer is easy, you don’t care, just read it.

I’m a design professional, I know who my clients are and I know who my colleagues are. If you’re here, I’m really sure that you’re a client or a colleague, so I know what you like to read and I also know that it must to be short, because you don’t want to read endless articles, you just want something clever and concrete.

For my clients I’m going to write about entrepreneurship ideas, smart marketing campaigns and the value of the design in your bussiness. For my collagues I will talk about product design and CGI; that includes my personal work experiences and some current affairs topics.

I really hope that my articles strike you fancy! Be welcome and of course, don’t forget to check out my work!

Cheers on your name, my dear hard workers!

About the Author Gonzalo Stagnaro

3D Render Designer

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